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1182055 (12477 +101664 +1067914 +++) scenes have been processed since Sep. 1, 2002.
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  • [2009/05/30] MODIS data received at Ulanbatar in Mongolia is available.
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IIS (Tokyo)
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IIS (Tokyo)
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  • In addition to the existing satellite receiving systems of NOAA HRPT and GMS S-VISSR, in May 2001, a new X-band satellite reception facility was installed in the Komaba Research Campus (University of Tokyo), which is initially used to collect data from MODIS, an electro- optical sensor aboard the TERRA satellite. The dish is placed on the roof of the 8-story IIS building (35.660 N, 139.680 E & 87 m above MSL) in between of the existing HRPT and GMS antennas. Some pictures of the system installation are available at the installation page and we had successfully received first MODIS scene at 11:44 am (Japan time) on 18 May 2001.
  • In order to acquire EOS data for expanded continental-scale change researches into the Southeast Asian sub-region, the Institute of Industrial Science has provided Asian Center for Research on Remote Sensing, Asian Institute of Technology one identical MODIS receiving facility. That station was set up in late of May 2001, on top of the Geoinfomatics building, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and managed by the Joint Management Committee composing of GIC (AIT), Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Thailand) and the Institute of Industrial Science (University of Tokyo). The MODIS raw data from AIT receiving facility is sending to the IIS archiving system as well. For more information please visit the MODIS page at the GIC, AIT.
  • TERRA passes overhead several times a day within view of the dish. The observational planning is based on EOS Mission Control satellite over pass predictor and Orbit Tracks. A map of the data coverage region shows the approximate area of data coverage collected by the dish. During each pass (approximately 10 minutes duration), the MODIS sensor sends a packet of 5 minutes of data to the dish. Passes overhead are made during the day (10 - 12 am Japan time) and at night (9 -11 pm Japan time). So we are receiving 4 - 5 passes (with maximum elevation not lower than 50) per day, resulting in around 4GB of raw ingested data in packet format for archiving. Raw data are then frame-synchronized to produce time-ordered level 0 data.
  • We are archiving MODIS data at the satellite archiving system of the Kitsuregawa Lab including. Users are encouraged to get additional information on the MODIS data from the MODIS resources page. Please send your data enquiry to Dr. Takeuchi and Dr. Nemoto.
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    Other useful data
    • Wataru Takeuchi and Yoshifumi Yasuoka, 2006. Development of cloud and shadow free compositing technique with MODIS QKM. Proceedings of American society of photogrammetry and remote sensing spring meeting (ASPRS 2006), Reno, USA. (Paper 7,177KB)
    • Wataru Takeuchi and Yoshifumi Yasuoka, 2005. Development of normalized vegetation, soil and water indices derived from satellite remote sensing data. Proceedings of 25th Asian Conference of Remote Sensing (ACRS 2005): Changmai, Thailand. (Paper 642KB)
    • Wataru Takeuchi, Nemoto Toshihiro, Pranab J. Baruah, Shiro Ochi and Yoshifumi Yasuoka, 2002. Development of Terra MODIS pre-processing system on WWW. Proceedings of International symposium on remote sensing (ISRS 2002): Sokcho, Korea. (Paper 209KB)

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